When talking about outdoor candles, we usually think of those hot summer nights in July and August where we sit outside in the cosy atmosphere of our outdoor space (garden or balcony),  while sipping drinks and watch the sun go down. At those moments, outdoor candles provide the right kind of light and coziness in order to create memories for life, with friends and family.

Are outdoor candles strictly for summertime? We think autumn and winter months deserve some outdoor joy as well. Yes, there might be rain, but still these seasons offer a lot of possibilities for great outdoor evenings. Whether it is a winter BBQ, an outdoor drink or if you just want to offer your guest an outdoor space to cool off during a party, you will need a different items for functional heat and decorative light to style to space.


Good heating will be essential, and we recommend 2 options: A gas heater or a fireplace.

Both options are completely different and require a different approach, but they will offer the warmth you need during the colder seasons. Make your choice depending on how much work you want to put it. A fireplace requires constant care but might be cosier and more natural. A gas heater will usually only provide functional heat and no lightning.


Since the sun goes down a lot earlier, light is even more important during this time of year. As mentioned above, you can use a fireplace, which provides heat and light. Only small drawback is the smell. If the wind turns or you place the fireplace too close to the house, your clothes or house, will smell strongly of the smoke.

At PAJU we are big fans of fireplaces and we see our candles as the perfect addition to create additional atmosphere in your outdoor area. Use the candles to set the outdoor scene. Create a corner full of light around the entrance into the house or create a path to guide visitors. The decorating options are plenty. At PAJU Design, our outdoor candles have different sizes and shapes. Depending on the style of your outdoor space, we have different styles, which you can discover here.

Outdoor vs. Indoor candles

We often get the question on how you should use your outdoor candle. First of all, there is a big difference between outdoor and indoor candles. The wick of an outdoor candle is made out of thick cotton and therefore has a bigger flame, allowing it to be more weather resistant (light rain or heavy wind). But causes outdoor candles to be a little trickier to blow out. As a tip, you can use a small shot glass or candle extinguisher to cease the flame.

The extra heat which is generated from the big wick, will make sure that the candle wax will melt easier, and will be more easily taken in by the wick itself, to make sure the candle burns longer, and at low temperatures. Making them still your perfect companion for outdoor use.  We generally advice to take candles inside during cold or rainy weather. The wax can resist rain, so can the wick, but in order to have optimal burning time and burning hours, they are best stored inside.

If you still decide to leave them outside and you want to burn them after a day out in the rain, make sure you take out all the water, maybe trim the wick and light it. If you notice that the which is too short, take a knife an make a small hole around the wick, so it has space to burn and to melt the wax around it.

All in all, having outdoor candles in wintertime is a great idea. Our PAJU Design candles are made for warm and cold weather, they are weather resistant, and they will give you that cozy atmosphere you are looking for, every season of the year.



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