Interview Peter Titan Cargo (manager director, TITAN CARGO) and Chloé  (sales director, PAJU Design) for Royal Antwerp Football Club.

How did you get to know each other?

Peter: My wife discovered PAJUDesign on social media about 2 years ago. She instantly fell in love with the great indoor candles. I contacted her that year to provide TITAN CARGO with end-of-year candles. We ordered a whole series of indoor candles with personalised packaging.

What exactly does PAJUDesign do?

Chloé: PAJUDesign specialises in indoor candles, outdoor candles, scented sticks and outdoor rugs. We are a 100% Belgian company, started 3 years ago and currently we work with about 300 shops in different countries. Our focus is on natural materials and unique designs. You can always find more information on our website

Our brand new showroom is located in Waarloos and our logistics process goes through MIVAS, a social workshop in Lier. We have a great team there that works for us every day with a smile.

In addition to our brand PAJUDesign, our focus today is also on private label. Here, we design products especially for our customers. Some examples are the fragrance sticks we developed for TITAN CARGO or the candles for ROYAL ANTWERP FOOTBALL CLUB.

Do you still have contact today?

Peter: We received a lot of positive reactions after distributing the candles to our clients. It is something completely different from a standard end-of-year gift, people enjoy them for a long time and they really catch the eye. Following this success, we developed our own TITAN fragrance sticks last year, in cooperation with the creative team of PAJUDesign.

Chloé: Peter also invited us to the ROYAL ANTWERP FOOTBALL CLUB last year and that’s when we came into contact with Dimitri Huygen. A few meetings later we agreed that we would develop a unique RAFC candle. We are very grateful and curious about the result!

These candles will be available from mid-August in the Royal Antwerp Football Club Fanshop!