With PAJU Design, we think as socially responsible as possible! Every 6 months we develop a couple of new collections, always taking into account our impact and footprint.


When we launched PAJUDesign in 2018, we started a journey and gradually we were changing our perspective on the unbalanced economic situations occurring worldwide. Millions of products are being produced all over the world, but not all items are developed with enough attention for the people and the well-being of the world.

What does it mean? When we start to develop new candles and outdoor accessories, we make sure that our in-house design is sustainable as possible. Therefore, we prefer working with countries close to Belgium which prove to be environmentally responsible and/or provide a healthy and honest working environment.

For our ceramics, we love to work with Portugal! A specialized country not far from home. And yes, It has a great population with a golden heart, where a smile is never too much!


There is a specific reason why we love to work with ceramics: because of the second life we can give these products. Once the wax is burned, you can easily use the containers as a flowerpot. The sizes of the containers our creative team develops are specially made for the most well known pot sizes for plants. This means you can enjoy the nice design of our candles afterwards.


Responsible production is not just about the environment. Our focus is much broader than that. It is all about meeting the diverse needs of people in different communities and creating equal opportunity to ensure a strong and healthy society.

This means our team works with companies that create responsible jobs. We need to be sure the employees are working in good and healthy conditions. After all, those are the artists who make our products special. All our items are handmade. Once the empty pots arrive in Belgium, they are filled locally with our well-known black wax and Belgian wicks.

The final part of the production is executed via our good friends of MIVAS, a social atelier. They are the masters of picking and packing our goods and sending them out to all our customers throughout Europe and further. They are instrumental to the PAJU logistics process, by making sure all our products get the right packaging and get delivered to the right customer.