Follow these 5 tips.
1. Immediately let your candle burn for two hours.
If you have bought a new candle, do not be afraid to light it and let it burn well for at least two hours. This way, the top layer will burn out nicely and there will be no hole your wick can sink into.

2. Trim the wick
Cut the wick to about 6 to 7 mm before lighting your candle. It can just as easily be done with a scissors or a nail clipper.

By cutting the wick, your flame will burn out very calmly and relaxed. If you leave the wick too long, a much larger and often flickering flame will develop, which will make the candle burn a lot more restlessly.

The more the candle burns, the longer the wick becomes. And a longer wick will make your candle burn faster. Cut the wick every time you burn your candle. Cutting the wick not only ensures that your candle will burn much more beautifully but is also much safe.

3. Make sure the wick stays in the middle
If you notice the wick is drifting to the side, push the wick back to the middle after you have blown out the candle (when the wax is still wet).

4. Choose a draft-free place
Placing your candle near the air-conditioning, window, door or heater is not a good idea. Restless flames are bad for the wick and will cause black spots on your candle holder and even on your walls.

5. Keep your candles dust-free
If you see dust on your candle, wipe it off before lighting the wick.