Have you ever looked at your garden and thought: something is missing. But you were not sure what? The answer may not always lie with another plant or tree, but rather with some strategically placed garden decor.

With Paju Design, we love the outside and enjoy the advantages of outdoor living. Keeping this in mind, we created a birdhouse that takes into account the most specific aspects, necessary to attract our feathered friends:

1. The brown color of the birdhouse makes sure that the Paju Design birdhouse becomes less visible to predators because it blends in with its natural surroundings.

2. Once a year you need to clean your birdhouse. Because the base is removable, you have easy access to the inside of the birdhouse. Additionally, you can easily remove excessive water if needed.

3. The rope, attached to the top of the birdhouse, makes drilling holes unnecessary when hanging it.

4. Due to the small piece of wood at the entrance of the birdhouse, you will be able to look your feathered friend, whenever he chooses to relax and soak up some sun.

Bird Houses are often called nesting boxes because they provide a safe place for birds to build their nests, protecting them from the elements and predators. During the winter, they provide visiting birds shelter so they can snuggle together away from the cold air.

What are the advantages of having birds in your garden?

Pest Control. Since birds eat insects, they will help to eliminate unwanted pests in your yard and free you from needing to use harmful pesticides.

Weed control. Birds love to eat weed seeds. Since most of us do not like to weed, it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Flower pollination. There are many birds who love to sip nectar from flowers and help to pollinate. With the bee population diminishing, attracting birds who pollinate, will benefit your garden.

Property Value. A well-maintained home with native landscaping that attracts birds has great curb appeal, which helps with property values.

As you can see, Our PAJUDesign garden decor items take it even further. Looking from our outdoor living space into our garden, we also want to see beautiful, yet functional ornaments.