Welcome to PAJUDesign, your premier source for high quality sustainable indoor and outdoor products that resonate with architects and designers seeking new eco-conscious solutions. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to create indoor and outdoor spaces that not only captivate but also minimize environmental impact and ensure a strong and healthy society.

Crafting sustainable visions

As architects and designers, your vision is boundless. We provide the tools to transform your vision into reality while minimizing your project’s ecological footprint. From outdoor textile solutions to garden and home accessories, our high quality sustainable products are the essence of innovation.

Luxury redefined

Our inhouse design team understand that your projects not just demand responsible production but also sophistication. Our sustainable materials redefine luxury, offering beauty without compromise. Choose elegance that aligns with your ethics.

Your partner

Our team is more than a supplier. We are your partner in pushing the boundaries of high quality, unique and sustainable design.

Together we can make your projects unforgettable.

Design with a purpose

For architects, designers, every design is a statement. Choose to make yours one of sustainable and purpose. Contribute to a better world while crafting indoor and outdoor spaces that inspire.

Contact us to explore our product catalog and showroom:

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Our team will help you to make the next step toward sustainable, unforgettable stunning indoor and outdoor projects.

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