Founders Christophe and Chloe are on a mission to give a fresh look to living spaces in Belgium and beyond. Living in Belgium, and both being big design affectionados, they always dreamt of starting their own design company. When they moved from their apartment in downtown Antwerp, to a house in the suburbs of Edegem, suddenly they had a lot of room to fill. While doing that, they discovered that are still a few gaps in the design market which offer good opportunities. On a nice sunny summer-day in 2018 the couple decided to go for it and setup a company, focussing on quality candles in beautiful pots. While Christophe has studied commercial engineering, Chloe went to the Royal Fashion Academy of Antwerp. In combining both their strengths, they form a strong team.

They let themselves be inspired by the global trend where outside rooms are being perceived as an extension to the personal living space. PAJU therefore focusses on both indoor and outdoor candles. In the mid-term, the goal is to showcase a more complete range of products, which follow the same philosophy. They translate this ambition via the slogan Think Outside.

A great deal of our production process is being handled by a social atelier. Here at PAJU we believe in collaboration and that we as a company have a social duty to fulfill. A healthy development of people and materials is something we try to improve on every day. We are not there yet, but we are well on our way.