At PAJU we might be a bit biased, but in our humble opinion, a candle is a winner in every situation and a bundle of joy for every occasion.

The main function of a candle is to bring light, but when it is not burning (which actually most of the time), it is important that it functions as a decorative item in your interior. Glass is an option, but at PAJU we deliberately choose for ceramics or concrete containers. Heat-resistant, they provide you with different styles. Whether it is rustic, modern, contemporary or Scandinavian, our candles stand out in each interior and serve as an integral part of your interior design.

Pro tip

Once your candle is burned out, you can still re-purpose your container and use it as a plant pot. As we are committed to sustainability, this gives your candle a second life. Do not worry about a bit of wax which is still left in the container as it is not harmful for the plant!

Take a look at our candles which come in different sizes/colors. Mix and match and create a beautiful space in your house. Combine full candles with old candle pots for an interior full of greenery and light.

Discover our different styling possibilities:


The light of a burning fire brings coziness, and so do the wick and the perfume! At PAJU we work with wooden wicks on some candles. They crackle when they burn, mimicking the sound of a fireplace. Together with the 100% perfumes we use, they set scenes in your interior. They are the finishing touches which give your indoor spaces that WOW-factor when you invite friends or family. Our perfumes are very pure, yet subtle. Creating enjoyable scents which are not too present in the rooms.

Why are candles the perfect gift?

Question is why you should keep such a great experience to yourself! PAJU Design candles are the perfect gift. A birthday, Mother’s Day, valentine’s day or any other occasion is perfect to surprise a loved one.

A PAJU Design candle not only shows that you’ve put some thought into the present, but also ensures that the recipient can enjoy for a long time. The warm, soft glow of a candle works soothing and gives your brain a bit of mental rest after a long day of staring at artificial light. Grab a blanket and a cup of tea, light your candle and read a book.

What better gift is there, than a beautiful container full of relaxing moments.