Looking for an original way to thank your clients, suppliers or employees at the end of the year? Think outside the box and do not “surprise” them with another bottle of wine, chocolates or another typical end of year gift. Be creative and make sure your business contacts remember your gift as THE gift they received. A corporate gift is the chance to stand out and show your business contacts what your company is all about.

PAJU Design now offers its indoor candles as corporate gifts, which are perfect for the time of year. Nothing comes as a better surprise, than a cosy candle to light up the darker days right before Christmas. Think about it… A candle symbolizes light, peace of mind and creates a cosy atmosphere. The light subtle tones of our scents are refined and personal and will definitely suit your brand. That is how you want your relationships to remember you.

We offer you candles in the typical PAJU Design style. Depending on your preference we offer different branding possibilities:

  • Branded custom candle (large orders only)
  • Personalized candle protector
  • Additional personalized branding of the PAJU packaging
  • Fully personalized packaging
  • Personalized thank you card

Reach out to us if you want a personalized offer, suitable for your demands. A lot of our candles are available from stock and we offer fast and personalized service. Looking forward to developing your perfect corporate gift!