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Fragrance: Leathery Notes
Wax: natural black paraffin
Material: Ceramics

All coming with a giftbag

The feisty, flamey ones of the collection are sure to bring a lot of heat into your indoor living area’s. And that is not just figuratively speaking! 

Click on dropdown menu to see the dimensions and burning hours of each size.

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About PAJUDesign:

We are a Belgian brand, founded in 2018 by Christophe and Chloe. Our aim is to make the outdoor spaces an extension of the indoor living area’s and we do this by creating beautiful products which connect the two. At PAJUDesign we pride ourselves in working with a social atelier in order to give back to the community. Our indoor candles are made from purified paraffine, so that they can burn safely in your home, but also guarantee the best burning experience.


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