We believe that an interior space is defined, not only by the interior styling, but also by its scent. Scent is a great way to add personality to a certain room. Imagine you have a man cave. Walking in there, you can add an additional dimension to the room by adding a strong, manly scent. Subconsciously people, will see the room as a whole!

At PAJU Design we can help you add this personal touch through our three signature scents. To help you even better, we currently have a great promotion on our diffusers. When you buy a diffuser with a scent, we will give you, for free, samples of the 2 other scents! That way you have an idea of what the PAJU Design scents are all about.

But that is not all. Are you not sure which scent to take and you want them all? We currently offer bundles, which include 250ml of each scent + a diffuser at a very sharp price! Check out the options below and make your life smell instantly better!



Just a last tip from our side. If you switch between scents, make sure you rinse your container with warm water to erase the smell. Also, use new rattan sticks, which are included in every refill!


Click on the products below to discover the bundles and find detailed descriptions of the scents. 


Click on the products below to discover the single diffusers and find detailed descriptions of the scents. Remember that if you order a diffuser with scent, you will, free of charge receive samples of the scents you did not order!


You already know which is your favorite scent? Order a refill right here.