Because we see the outdoor living area as an extension of the indoor living area, we created our own unique range of outdoor rugs to complement your outdoor terrace or lounge. They are the perfect match for our outdoor candles, as well in style as in color. Designed in Belgium by us, these high quality PET yarn rugs have been made from recycled bottles. Woven on Dhurrie looms with the utmost precision and care. They are soft but durable. Easy to clean but very nice on the eye. I hope you sense the pride we take in talking about our rugs. They are truly unique!

  • Oxide is our brightest one. Stands out in every exterior with its orange flashes and matches perfectly with concrete, grey floors.
  • Pale is special in its simplicity. Grey but very exciting. If you ever wondered how a neutral color can be so beautiful, this is the perfect example.
  • Grain shines in the more classic exterior spaces. Brownish, beige color as a perfect addition to a wooden table or seats.

In terms of sizes, we have 5.

  • Baby – 60x100cm
  • Junior – 140x200cm
  • Papi – 200x300cm
  • Grandpa – 300x400cm
  • Round – D200cm

A size for every type of outdoor space.